Sep 19, 2012

post supercrawl

once again, it was a short time for me at supercrawl. i guess it kind of worked out since the battery of the super awesome digital slr i was borrowing died litterally a pinch before weaving through the crowd  to the end of james st. north.
regardless, i got to see my super crafty friends that had a booth there and made sure to grab pictures of each table. on the way home, i had an idea explosion go off in my brains for the ways i can display my handmade goodies if i get accepted onto the vendors list for next year's. 

i made a flickr set with the rest of the pictures i took but here are some good ones i should probably force you to look at, onward to the supercrawl picture show!

Ghost Barn by john haney and carey jernigan
Prints & Needles table with lovely new oversized zipper pouches
Hands & Feet's table, check out brittni's shop for new onesies coming soon!

i couldn't see the artists name but i definitely looked if it went to the moon...disappointment ensued.

The Beehive Craft Collective had donations from just about everywhere of paper pieced hexagons for this , i may have to do it in my room
MADRAD textiles, handmade and naturally dyed zipper pouches oh my!

David Webb's jewelry and tank designs
if someone knows this artist please let me know 'cause they make the best duck face...ever.

the handmade goodies of Ana D, how pretty are those organza flowers!

Shipwrecks & Bravery's table, packed with knit and silkscreened goodies!

happy surprise, ladyfriend chantelle of Howl shared a booth with tara marie! her stone and antique keyhole jewelry is wonderful and she knits cowls with such rich colors. i've been bugging her to get her junk online already, maybe this year *fist shake*
at the end of the street is when the battery died, luckily i brought (comparatively)  my dinky digital camera so to pat myself on the back for remembering, i bought myself my first sweet ice snow cone, apple cider flavor and oh goodness yums!

on the way back i nearly forgot to stop by the White Elephant to see the gorgeous hyperbolic crochet coral reef and thankfully the hexagons caught my eyes to remember. if you like math stuffs and crocheting, look into the hyperbolic coral reef instillation, you're heart and brains just might pop!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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