Sep 14, 2012

super crafty friends

thought i'd post a little good vibe post for some friends who will be selling their goodies at the annual Supercrawl in Hamilton this weekend.

this is a pretty fantastic event where it literally tops the monthly art crawls that happen in the summer on James st. north, the street that has rejuvenated the crafts and arts community in Hamilton. A wonderfully buzzing community that seems to be always growing.
There'll be some great live music, artist installations, vendors and art galleries to hop through. oh, did i mention this is all for free?
the thought of something this great totally tickles my bum ticker and could not be happier for the friends who got accepted to be on the vendors list. this will definitely be something i'll be applying for come next year.

and so, on with the good vibes:

i really can't stress more just how awesome these following three ladies are, some mighty good hearts in this lot. me and my giant heart maybe kind of light up a little knowing that they're in my circle of friends...but shh.
ladyfriend Natalie of Prints & Needles will have her beautiful myth and folklore based printed accessories sold along side other ladyfriend Brittni of Hands & Feet selling her gorgeous naturally dyed bags and accessories. both these ladies have such a great eye for design and finishes that when you use or wear their pieces, be prepared for some a good way 'cause yeesh! just look at this handmade goodness.

Prints & Needles
Hands & Feet

Christina of Hatchet Handmade won't be there in person but in spirit via the ladies of White Elephant where they'll have a table selling some of their more local artists and makers so don't forget to pop into their shop or look for their table to pick up some handmade and yummy kitchen goodies like cotton linen ovens mitts and aprons printed with fungi designs.

meeting these next four through the textiles program, they are definitely some people you need to look out for. last year i was consistently in amazed with the pieces they came out with and am darn tootin' happy to know their faces as well as their styles. i'll be dropping in on the studio throughout the year to see what these kids are up to for sure.

you will probably hear Tara-Marie's laughter before seeing her goodies at her Shipwrecks & Bravery booth. literally always knitting, she has made some pretty great patterned tea towels and little zipper pouches just for the super crawl. if you by chance miss her booth, White Elephant has been selling her silk dyed scarves too.
Ana D is a fellow spanish bean (though we never speak it to each other) hails from mexico without plans to leave canada, woop! with a background in graphic design, her knit based accessories, handmade driftwood brooches and reuseable lunchbags need to be in your lives if you want something you own to yell out...what's the word? ah yes, awesome.

Shipwrecks & Bravery
Ana D design

i can only explain the design of these two duders to be something i couldn't do and it's completely because i have lady eyes. like myself, they fell in love with natural dyes last year and used it with most of their natural based materials.

this will be year two for David Webb and again will be selling his t-shirts and unisex jewelry. I'm not sure just what else he has in store for this weekend but that's because the kid doesn't ever blog! get on that would you buddy? here is a sample of his school projects.

DW designs
Malcolm Halley of MADRAD textiles recently finished a summer at the toronto harbourfront center and has been a fellow craft fair friend during the summer and it's been great seeing his stuff get sent out in the world. known for his frankenstein print, he'll be selling awesome naturally dyed unisex tote bags and leisure bags as well as some pieced pouches and pocket squares for the mens. don't forget to pick up his super manly coffee cuffs made of manly

i'm pretty sure i've covered the friend faces that will be selling this weekend but keep your eyes peeled on my twitter feed this weekend for any surprises and for a post-crawl post.  i'll try and take pictures with a real camera and not just my phone.
oh and before i forget, the images used were from their etsy shops and blogs.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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