Sep 11, 2012


i realized just today that i hadn't posted about a pretty neato thing that has happened to not only my little craftlife, but the craft lives of some of my favorite lady faces i had the previledge to graduate with.

a few posts ago, i mentioned how just as we were completing everything for our graduate show Here & There in toronto, a mister Joe Lewis of Fiber Quarterly online magazine asked all of us if we'd like to blab and yabber on about ourselves and our experience with being in the fiber arts. most of my classmates agreed with a resounding "heck yea"

he graciously gave us 750 words, up to 6 pictures each and it has been officially posted!
we all took interesting angles in writing about our own experiences so please do look through them and see how we each got into the handmade life. click here if you'd like to read my own.

and now dear hearts, i'm just going to go ahead and list off the links of who's got 'em:

Sarah Dee
Prints & Needles
Hatchet Handmade
Hands & Feet 
and of course, the ladyfriends from Mint Textile Studio have begun a blog, woop!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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