Sep 2, 2013

a wolf cub gets a home

i've rediscovered what made me fall in love with this craftlife all over again. after about a year of being in funksville, the creative juices and craft drive have all come back this last month or two and it tastes like home made pie.

earlier this summer, i got such great response to the little handsewn wolf stuffies i made for a craft sale. one went home to be on the shelf of a teeny lady's bedroom to keep watch and to make an appearance in some photoshoots. (thanks again for sharing Lori!)

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remembering some of my own favourite stuffed dolls when growing up, i decided on something floppy and simple with fewer details than the little handsewn stuffies. a friend wanted to have a wolf stuffie as a toy for her firstborn, that was still on the way then, but i was worried about the materials being used and how safe it would be for a baby and toddler. this sparked the idea of making a baby/kid friendly wolf cub doll.

after tweaking the pattern, finding an adorable cotton fleece material, i started on a sample wolf which came out better than i had anticipated; something always welcomed in my simple craft life. it left me remembering that my hands and brains make such a good team and only revives my bum ticker no matter how quietly it may have been beating.

i used the always fun reverse quilting for the paws and belly to give it a bit of color, those love paws made me happy for days! i also decided to make a wash instruction tag so this wolf cub can stand the test of time.
i remembered just how attached i was to some stuffed dolls growing up and after the satisfaction of the final wolf cub settled (slightly), i then thought how kind of amazing it is to know that one of my works will be part of some great little memories in the life of some growing little true hearts.

i nearly forgot how much my old soul would light up strolling through the process of creating, to having something go from an idea plucked out from the universe in my heart to something being made into a tangible thing.
i was encouraged to make more kid friendly wolf cub dolls for other wee ones to grow up with, how can i deny little true hearts a cutie pie wolf friend? so trust that a small batch production will be had of these, just not quite yet.

i've been meaning to update my etsy shop for so long now but after what feels like walking out of the ghostly veil of an old skin, i'll be taking a short time out west to be hugged by mountains and to daydream a while to revisit the pretty fun world that has grown in me of moonbound ancient loves, wolf packs and goofy little monsters.
there is something about the west coast that makes my head float a little more. the only crafty things i'll be bringing with me on this (somewhat) lone wolf adventure are a 5x7 sketchbook, paint brushes and some watercolors, a few Pigma Micron pens and the universe in my heart.
maybe a small collection of papers for small scale collaging...maybe.

i'll be of course tweeting my lone wolf adventures and the app savvy hearts can now find me on Vine.
prepare your hearts for some craftlife goodness coming from my bum ticker and a major shop update in october.

internally yours,
sister valentine

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