Jul 10, 2014

a true heart in the Gladstone Hotel

mark your calendars and come out to say hello to some new handmade goodies at Toronto Indie Arts Market held at the Gladstone Hotel on thursday august 21st!

i literally stood up from my chair when i got confirmation that my hearts and crafts will be part of a pretty fun market at the old beauty of a building, The Gladstone Hotel in toronto.
before i could even sit back down my craft brains opened the flood gates and my heart was racing as fast as the ideas were flowing! in the weeks leading up to the sale i'll be doing some photo dumps on how things are coming along and maybe it'll tickle you enough to come out and say hello.
ready set: production mode!


just days before the confirmation, i had finished cutting out a pack of 12 baby and toddler safe wolf pup dolls. they're an original pattern i designed from a comission last year, with little hearty paws and filled with 100% cotton balls for little arms to give a good little hug to. its floppy arms and tail pop my heart pretty hard as i'm sure it will yours!
they'll be available with different accent colors to make it just a little harder to pick one from the litter.


i'll have more of a picture show to dump here next week so keep them eyes peeled or follow my instagram (@sistervalentine) feed for some eye candy and heart pops!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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