Aug 19, 2014

production mode photo dump pt.3

with days away from the Indie Arts Market, here is the last photo dump for your true eyes.
i had enough time to knock out four new wolf portraits, a personal favourite item. they tug hard on my heartstrings with how so much life is given to those little faces with just a little collar or set of glasses.
you know what to do.

found a touch of a lovely burnt gold suede

hearts pops at every stage

for scale, each portrait is mounted in a thrifted 5x7 picture frame so each is one of a kind

deciding the gentlemen and ladies

this gentlemen are too hip to quit

lady monocle for a touch of class

based the suede one on the Maned Wolf of south america, its color is similar to a fox

waiting on their frames and names

i did a little inventory and planned out my table display but you'll have to come out and see for yourself!

even had a pinch of time to sneak in a little gift to my mounbound self

tomorrow i'll be announcing a little bit of good craftlife news so tune in then and come adopt a wolf thursday!

interally yours,
sister valentine

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