Aug 7, 2014

production mode photo dump pt:2

yet another photodump! which you may see more of, i'm beginning to be a fan. 
i used to always want to write longer posts but sometimes you just can't beat a good ol' picture show.
now go on, git to it!

hand sewn little ears, these are my two favourites. miss pinky there has already been adopted!

not even the entire litter, craftlife satisfaction is what that is

i just love packaging these cutie pups up for adoption, them quiet little ears!

i gave a couple pups blue eyes and it won't be the last, oh my heart

finally got to use my handcarved moon stamp on the pup's care tags

individually hand written, when english begins to not look like english

leave no scrap behind. 
dipped into my scraps jar for a new batch of scrappy bracelets

each has a button closure with a vintage or reclaimed button,
these measure about an inch wide and 8" long for a loose fit

found a few favourites, some just always stand out

just so you don't forget, hand stamped cotton canvas backing.

i'll have just one more photo dump and a little announcement so peek back on here soontimes!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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