Mar 18, 2013

little gentleman wolf

my fluttery heart just had to share this goodness i've been working on.

for about a year now i've wanted to make teeny art stuffies that can sit all pretty like on a shelf. i once did a small pack of wolves for a school project but they ended up coming in at about 8 inches from nose to tail. not quite the teeny i had in mind.

i started this little gentleman wolf fellah recently and only started on his mane tonight. using scraps of naturally dyed cotton gauze from my moon quilt and silver threads, i stitched on layers of it around his teeny chest and head.

i'd like to make his shape a little more stylized which means this first version will sit just fine on my own shelf.
i'm nearly done all the textural stitching and have already begun to think of a lady wolf for him. what's a gentleman wolf without a lady wolf?
soon he'll be stuffed and stoic and then will come his lady loup!

internally yours,
sister valentine

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