Jul 18, 2017

Oh hi

certainly has been quiet around here hasn't it. how about a quickie update:

My final semester of graphic design swallowed me whole, leaving this wee blog to collect digital dust. Months after graduating, a move to the west coast changed my focus. For the last couple years i settled in, made friends and got to know the beautiful city of Vancouver.  At the end of last year, i scored a contract with a small digital textile printing company as in-house designer and assistant until they unfortunately had to shut their studio doors. And now, i launched into a graphic and textile freelance designer gig and also cannot ignore the loud call of craft i hear in my heart.

What does this mean for the ol' hearts and crafts shop? Slowly, i'm revving up to relaunch the etsy shop and will be making up little pitch packages to drop off to all the lovely shops i'm finding here in Vancouver.
It took a little time to establish a little bit of a following in Toronto and the GTA and am excited to get my name heard out here.
I've a few mini sales and a giveaway in the works so stay in touch via my instagram and keep your eyes peeled for more wolves, upcycled vintage goodies and of course toasty things to warm your hearts!


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