Aug 9, 2017

An imaginary boy on the moon

I've a mini IG sale in the works so i thought to give a little backstory to these few 
scarves up for grabs.

Back in 2001, i began a series of love letters written to no one in particular at first. 
Around the same time i had read for the first time The Little Prince by . Soon after followed a gorgeous novella of short letters by Canadian musician Hawksley Workman called Hawksley Burns for Isadora
These were major influences in the first handful of letters and i eventually conjured up an imaginary boy who lived on the moon. His name was simple and admittedly stemming from a favourite Smashing Pumpkins song, Spaceboy. 
Despite these letters being such a giant window into my silly heart, i always wanted to put these out into the world. My highschool librarian even let me sell little photocopied zines on her counter for a quarter.

With his name a whole universe was created. We wrote messages on moonbeams and used stars to signal to each other. My over sized heart bled and grew slowly like the twinkling birth of a galaxy over years and many notebooks. 
In my final year of textiles in between a quilt project, i was able to squeeze in a small batch of naturally dyed and silkscreened infinity scarves using these hundreds of letters. Out of the 30 or so of cotton lawn and cotton gauze, i've still another nine left so i thought with the relaunch of this funny little craft life, why not start with a heart tickler.

Keep an eye out on IG to snag one!


Aug 2, 2017

Etsy shop is live!

re-launch day is here!

It's been a bit of a slow-go at setting everything up to re-launch this funny little craft life, but i'm happy to announce: wait no more nopes!
Head over to etsy shop and check out the wolf pup dolls and portraits up for adoption. Between making more shop stock and getting in touch with some consignment shops, i'll slowly update shop items.
I've some new ideas i've brewed up throughout the year that i'm so excited to get working on and can only hope they'll light up your true hearts as much as they did mine.


Jul 18, 2017

Oh hi

certainly has been quiet around here hasn't it. how about a quickie update:

My final semester of graphic design swallowed me whole, leaving this wee blog to collect digital dust. Months after graduating, a move to the west coast changed my focus. For the last couple years i settled in, made friends and got to know the beautiful city of Vancouver.  At the end of last year, i scored a contract with a small digital textile printing company as in-house designer and assistant until they unfortunately had to shut their studio doors. And now, i launched into a graphic and textile freelance designer gig and also cannot ignore the loud call of craft i hear in my heart.

What does this mean for the ol' hearts and crafts shop? Slowly, i'm revving up to relaunch the etsy shop and will be making up little pitch packages to drop off to all the lovely shops i'm finding here in Vancouver.
It took a little time to establish a little bit of a following in Toronto and the GTA and am excited to get my name heard out here.
I've a few mini sales and a giveaway in the works so stay in touch via my instagram and keep your eyes peeled for more wolves, upcycled vintage goodies and of course toasty things to warm your hearts!


Jun 30, 2015

term two packed up

this second term was pretty fantastic, a little heavier on the workload but i was looking forward to it after the over all introductory pace of first term. my class has been warned that third term (which starts up next week!) is the heaviest workload of all the terms but i'm not anxious about it too much...yet.
i've been thinking of a design identity for my own work but the few ideas i have floating around in my head are just that, ideas floating in my head. which is why i am absolutely looking forward to our branding class especially and really looking forward to a typography 2 class, after affects and a creative direction class. we also get into a bit of coding and web designing which i've been itching to  get on. i hope my old school html coding days will come back to me.
to keep things short, here are some of my favourite projects from this term.

3D three horned beetle, illustrator.
probably my favourite piece of the term! 

redesign packaging project mock up, illustrator. 
search nescafe xpress if you're interested in seeing the original package design. 

"say my name" project, photoshop. 
this is subtle but i wanted to make the letters look like layered cut paper, giving each a bit of depth like topography.

band poster, photoshop and illustrator.

layered collage project, typography.
probably my second favourite piece of the term! completely hand drawn lettering for a fantastic carl sagan quote.

blog design, illustrator
a blog design with a time restriction of just 2 hours. i was freaking out about through the full two hours but happy with what i came up with considering the crunch.

before you go, i should let you know of a teeny sale that is happening on my instagram. once again i need to to get rid of some old stock and with how quick people change their phones this sale especially could use all the word spreading. 

i have a few packs of my iphone hard cases with three interchangeable faceplates made from vintage textbooks and children's books. each are going for $25 each, shipped! so get on over to my instagram and get in on the goods.
go on, git!

internally yours,
sister valentine

Mar 24, 2015

hearts & crafts in Hamilton

you know, i don't think i mentioned that some of my handmade goodies are currently sold at Shine studio in Hamilton 'cause i am a dingdong. 
Shine has a great collection of curated gift ideas, arts and jewelry if you're in the hunt for something a little different. take a peek for yourself at 3 Colbourne Street, Hamilton.

handmade card wallets made with reclaimed fabric and vintage linen interiors with snap closure 

just a handful of patchwork fold over zipper pouches with cotton muslin interiors

and just five wolf cub dolls all waiting for homes with little true hearts to watch over. cotton fleece and polkadotted, these cuties are made from an original pattern with all new cotton materials right down to the cotton stuffing

internally yours,
sister valentine