Aug 9, 2017

An imaginary boy on the moon

I've a mini IG sale in the works so i thought to give a little backstory to these few 
scarves up for grabs.

Back in 2001, i began a series of love letters written to no one in particular at first. 
Around the same time i had read for the first time The Little Prince by . Soon after followed a gorgeous novella of short letters by Canadian musician Hawksley Workman called Hawksley Burns for Isadora
These were major influences in the first handful of letters and i eventually conjured up an imaginary boy who lived on the moon. His name was simple and admittedly stemming from a favourite Smashing Pumpkins song, Spaceboy. 
Despite these letters being such a giant window into my silly heart, i always wanted to put these out into the world. My highschool librarian even let me sell little photocopied zines on her counter for a quarter.

With his name a whole universe was created. We wrote messages on moonbeams and used stars to signal to each other. My over sized heart bled and grew slowly like the twinkling birth of a galaxy over years and many notebooks. 
In my final year of textiles in between a quilt project, i was able to squeeze in a small batch of naturally dyed and silkscreened infinity scarves using these hundreds of letters. Out of the 30 or so of cotton lawn and cotton gauze, i've still another nine left so i thought with the relaunch of this funny little craft life, why not start with a heart tickler.

Keep an eye out on IG to snag one!


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